Meet The Staff

Ms. KarenMy name is Ms. Karen and 1 am the director at HFPS. I have been the director here for almost twelve years. My journey began as a nanny during my young adult years. This is what brought me to America. After a year here I met and married my husband of eighteen years. It was when we had children of our own that I began my career in early childhood education and began working in preschool settings. A choice that I once made for my own children, now feels like it was also the best path for me. Working at HFP School gives me such satisfaction and daily rewards. I have been a part of so many children’s lives: I have watched them grow and learn from infancy through graduation and beyond. Daily hugs and laughter are what motivate me. This school has truly become my home and all the children that have spent time here have helped me create so many wonderful memories! Each and every child deserves to be nurtured and cherished for the individuals that they are and the tremendous adults they will become.
“No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.” –Emma Goldman
“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.” –Mignon McLaughlin

134Hello friends, my name is Ms. Melanie. I am a happily married mother of four awesome children. Three in college (Andrew, Alyssa and Kevin) and my youngest son Caleb (who attended HFPS throughout his childhood) is now in middle school. I come from a very large family of nine children, yes nine! Growing up in my house was crazy, insane, fun and very busy… never a dull moment! It was much like a room full of two year olds. Which is exactly where I began my preschool journey some 20 years ago, teaching and caring for two year olds. Currently I am the Assistant Director at Happy Faces. I prefer “Jack of all Trades”. Whether it’s re-arranging a classroom, fixing a boo- boo, reading a story or plunging a small toy out of the toilet, I’m the “go to girl” and I love it. After ten years of being at Happy Faces I still wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, knowing that I get to spend my day here!!! “The children here know us in a way no one ever has, they open us to things we never knew existed, and they are the beat of our hearts, the pulse in our veins and the energy in our soul. They are our kids!!!”

112Hi my name is Ms. Kim and I am the proud mother of three wonderful children ages 12, 17 and *9. I have been happily married for 21 years and enjoy being with my family doing anything outdoors. I love the beach, boating and just spending quality time together as a family. I absolutely love my job at H FPS working with children and would not change it for anything. I have been working with children for the past eight years and I get great joy watching them learn and grow each and every day. I love walking into work and seeing their great big smiles and welcoming big hugs and listening to the playing and laughter going on all around us. In my eyes there is not a better way to spend your day; knowing you are making a difference in the lives of each of these sweet and adorable children.


VPK Teachers
145My name is Ms. Aliette and I am happily married with a beautiful four year old daughter who inspires me daily to achieve all my goals. My daughter currently attends our VPK program at Happy Faces with Ms. Naseema as her teacher. I am in my junior year at UCF studying to receive my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Teaching has always been my passion. I have been working with children for 9 years. I have been the teacher for the infants, two year olds, and VPK at Happy Faces. I have now been with the VPK kids for four years and love preparing these kids for kindergarten. I am also CPR and first aid certified.




73Hi, my name is Ms. Naseema. I’m a teacher, wife and mom to two wonderful sons. Teaching is my passion, especially early childhood education. I believe that the preschool age is the perfect age to impact a child’s life in a very positive way. Helping them to believe in themselves and growing them to achieve success is my joy. I graduated from University of Karachi with a bachelor in Science and Educaiton. I have more than tz years of teaching experience. I started my teaching career as a science teacher. When I moved to the U.S. in 1992 I got busy taking care of my family. For the past six years I have been working as an early childhood teacher and have enjoyed every second of it. Besides teaching I also enjoy traveling, gardening, reading, cooking and spending time with my family. My philosophy in education can be summed up through this quote from Socrates: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”




113My name is Ms. Krystle and I currently assist in the VPK class as well as with our afternoon students in the after-school program. I have four beautiful children ages z to 11. I have been a part of the Happy Faces team for 1.5 years now and I truly enjoy working alongside an energetic, caring and supportive staff. Working with children has always been my passion. I’ve been in the field for over lo years beginning in my middle school and high school education when I volunteered my time with pre- schoolers. Over the last few years I have worked with many different age groups and I hope to make a difference in the lives of my students by creating a safe and nurturing environment. I want them to have fun with learning!
“Sharing, caring and working together, helping to make the world a better place.”




524139_509940222402353_700200694_nMy name is Ms. Erica and I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I am an early childcare edu-cator and have been caring and molding the minds of young children for over 15 years. I have been with Happy Faces Prep school for over 3 years as the school age teacher. I Have three beautiful children of my own, two girls and one boy. I have always enjoyed being around young children. I have been trained in CPR / first aid, mind and movement, nutrition, child abuse, arts and crafts, health and social skills. Having children of my own inspired me to want to continue my future as an early childcare educator and I love seeing the faces of young children when they achieve a goal they set.






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Meet Ms. Esther Happy Faces Healthy Food Cook!
Hi, my name is Ms. Esther. I have been working with children for about 18 years. I am very happy to be here at Happy Faces and I have been here for almost 10 years. I enjoy cooking for the children every day! I am excited to teach the children how to eat healthy lunches, to be kind and smile a lot.





retouched3cropped My name is Anna, and this is my second year at Happy Faces. After serving as a director in administration for 15 years, I resigned to pursue a career in teaching. I raised my younger sister, am a second mother to my nephew and have been working with children since I was 16 when I was a nanny to a 4 and 6 year old. Over the years I have continued to work with children as a volunteer and through field work as I completed my graduate degree in elementary education at Rollins College. I began at Happy Faces as the lead teacher in the 1 year old class. It was a humbling experience, and I learned so much from those little ones. During this school year, I am a VPK teaching assistant- a new challenge, a new experience and one that I am thoroughly enjoying. It is amazing to watch these children learn and grow, and it is so much fun to see how excited they are to learn new things! My passion is definitely children and their education – at the end of the day I feel that I have accomplished something important. It is my privilege and honor to work at Happy Faces and to keep these little ones happy, safe and engaged in tons of learning experiences.