School Information

Entrance Requirements
Any child between the ages of 6 weeks through 12 years of age is eligible for enrollment at Happy Faces Prep School. Within the first 10 days of enrollment, all children not already enrolled in elementary school, must return the blue and yellow health forms fully completed by your child’s physcian. The elementary schools keep their student health forms, thus our school is not required to maintain duplicates. These forms, required by law in the state of Florida and Seminole County, ensure that all children admitted to the school are in good health with up-to-date immunizations. All students must have a registration packet completed in full prior to the child’s school start date. Enrollment contracts, enrollment fees, and tuition deposits must be processed to finalize registration.

 Parent Ori1798632_825171130828046_8484667149983232125_nentation
 Happy Faces Prep School has an “open door” policy. We invite parents and families to drop in, unannounced, at any time. Additionally, we plan many activities and special events throughout the year to encourage parent envolvement, and we welcome volunteers.

Parent Information
Parents participate in a multitude of annual events, many chaperone field trips, others are volunteers in their child’s classroom, while some donate materials or treats for special events. We partner with families in the education of their children and thus communication is vital.

Tools for Parent-School Information Exchange
The following list includes some of the routine means of communicating and planning with parents and families:

  • The News Board is in the lobby. It will help to keep you up to date on what is coming up each month.
  • The Curriculum Board is outside the front door. It will give you the main monthly preschool curriculum themes, along with songs, colors, shapes, books that support that month’s concept learning.
  • The Event Board is just inside the lobby entrance. It will highlight both preschool events and preschool routines.
  • Parent Pages is our monthly parent newsletter that we encourage you to take home and read. It will keep you informed about preschool events and activities. It also provides informative articles pertinent to our children.
  • The Birthday Board is posted in the lobby. It is fun and special for the children to have their names posted for all to see. Teacher birthdays are fun to see also.
  • Letters/Flyers are informative and meant for specific content.
  • Star Notes from the teachers share those special happenings in your child’s day.
  • The preschool children’s Take-Home Cups are separated by classroom and are found in the front lobby.
  • The school-age children’s Take-Home folders are labeled by name and are found in the front lobby.
  • Each classroom has its own Class Bulleton Board for class schedules, specific class activities and information.
  • Telephone conversations are always an option.
  • A Suggestion Box is available for your use in the front lobby.