Preschool Program

The teachers at Happy Faces Prep School prepare children for kindergarten utilizing a comprehensive "High Reach" curriculum, that provides an excellent basis for classroom instruction. Teachers at our preschool are encouraged to make use of "emergent learning opportunities," they enhance and supplement each individual child's learning. Since our program is curriculum-based, all teachers actively engage the children in a wide variety of educational learning experiences within the confines of our child-oriented, supportive classrooms. These various learning experiences ensure that children have fun while they learn.



Toddler Program

The teachers of our toddler program (1 year - 2 years of age) follow a more school-like schedule; however, in order to meet the unique needs of the individual, they maintain the flexibililty that is essential for teaching success with this age group. Sensitive, caring, teachers provide our toddlers with the active, age-appropriate learning experiences they need. They engage our toddlers in experiences that spark creative, imaginative, and dramatic play. These caring adults utilitize a wide variety of developmentally appropriate concrete materials and age-appropriate, high quality music and book selections throughout the day. In addition to various indoor and outdoor play opportunities, our toddlers paint, construct, and explore on a regular basis.



School-Age Program

Each school year, Happy Faces offers a program for elementary students. Morning and afternoon transportation to and from area elementary schools is provided. The program focuses on academics (supervised homework area), arts and crafts, and physical activity after. After a long school day, children can burn off excess energy through organized games and playground time.



Summer Camp Program

Each summer, Happy Faces summer camp offers a special program filled with summer fun, activities, field trips and a variety of age-appropriate group and team games for younger and older children. The students explore our local Seminole and Orange County parks and zoos, go bowling, and to the movies, visit themed attractions, and experience many more fun-filled and varied adventures.



Enrichment Programs

Since computers are becoming a basic necessity in our lives, teachers will familiarize your child with computer programs which instill confidence and the beginning skills necessary to use the technology available to facilitate their future education. Exposure to foreign languages at a preschool age eases the assimiliation of languages throughout our lives. Our preschool children are exposed to the Spanish language through songs, games and scheduled short instructional lessions. Optional enrichment programs are available by parental choice.